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Understanding the ABC`s of Using Free Radio Publicity If there was a method you could use to boost your marketing and sales that was expensive would it be worth the money? Pretty dumb question, right? There are too many unknowns to answer. But try this question: If there was a way to get free publicity that led to greatly increased sales of your product or service, would you be interested? That one`s a no-brainer. Of course you would. Well there is a method for doing just that, and it`s getting free radio publicity. That`s right, radio talk show hosts are constantly looking for good guests. But notice I said `good` guests. I learned about free radio publicity in the 90s after publishing a book. There was little money in my marketing budget so I was forced to get creative. I more or less stumbled onto a method for getting booked as an expert in my field (real estate investing). I bought a database of radio stations and began calling various producers and talk hosts I thought might be interested in booking me for interviews. And I did more than 60 interviews and sold a ton of books using that little database, and that was just my first book. There have been others since. And the beauty of this is you`re going to be doing it from your home phone. But don`t think free radio publicity is only about promoting books. As I`ve already said, talk show hosts and producers are hungry for great guests. Here`s the key to getting booked. Provide interesting and valuable information for the people listening to the show while making the host look brilliant for having you on. Simple, right? Take it from someone who`s been there, that`s all there is to it. Now you might have to get a little creative to make your product or service fit into the above category. But it isn`t really that hard. If you`re promoting an information product, regardless of the format you`ve chosen for delivery, you`re already half way there because people everywhere are starving for information. But info products aren`t the only items that benefit from free radio publicity. Before taxing your brain too much in looking for an angle or perspective to pitch your stuff, do a little homework. Take some time to listen to various radio talk shows. What are the guests talking about? What`s in it for them? Notice how the smart, seasoned guests are generous with their information. This approach is designed to make the host a hero for having such a wonderful guest, you, on the show. Also take notice of the various products or services these guests are promoting. Many are pitching books but certainly not all of them. Say you`re a massage therapist, tax attorney, a magician, or even a psychic reader. Would you benefit as a guest on a talk show? Of course. You`d obviously need to do shows in your own locality, whereas an information product will probably have a wider appeal. But even if you`re a local merchant the formula remains the same. Offer useful, valuable information to the guests. Explain how your service has changed the lives of your clients for the better and get good at delivering compelling accounts of people you`ve helped. Getting free radio publicity is easy. Design your approach using the simple guidelines I`ve mentioned in this article and reap the rewards while helping everyone involved in the process. Isn`t that what business is about anyway? The article you`ve just read is little more than a brief outline of the entire story. Yes, getting free radio publicity to promote your products is simple and you can easily use it too. To get the rest of the story and discover how to entirely avoid the trial and error process, visit: http://www.freepromostory.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Charles_Steed Relation articles: Promotional Notepads A Promotional Item With Many Uses.html Marketing is More Than Promotion.html What Exactly is Repurposing.html 3 Big Tips From the Big 3 Auto Makers.html How Can Massage Therapy Business Cards Help You Earn More.